Yes Exploit Kit Upgraded

The author(s) of the Yes Exploit System has quietly upgraded their kit to version 4.0. The admin panel has a slick-looking GUI that is heavy on the graphics. The kit apparently is able to punch all Windows systems (Win9x – Windows 7, 32-bit or 64-bit) as well as all browsers with vulnerable plug-ins. Additionally, the kit supposedly encrypts exploits on-the-fly and are FUD.

Here’s a look at the panel:

Here are the exploits available with this kit:

  • MDAC
  • Collab.collectEmailinfo
  • Util.printf
  • Iexml
  • Java Calendar
  • Iepeers msiemc
  • PDF open
  • Telnet
  • Collab.getIcon
  • Flash 9
  • Flash 10
  • NewPlayer
  • PDF Libtiff
  • Java getval
  • Quicktime
  • HCP
  • Cooltype

The current version costs 400 LR.

I haven’t seen this in the wild but if you have, please send me the URL.

Posted on: 04/14/2011