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1. n. Honored attendant, guardian, nurse, keeper of ʻunihipili bones, regent, keeper, administrator, warden, caretaker, master, mistress; pastor, minister, reverend, or preacher of a church; one who has a dog, cat, pig, or other pet. According to J. S. Emerson; 92:2, kahu “implies the most intimate and confidential relations between the god and its guardian or keeper, while the word kahuna suggests more of the professional relation of the priest to the community.” Cf. kahu hipa, kahu hoʻoponopono, kahu mālama, kahu waiwai, and ex., ʻanāʻanā. Kona kahu, his attendant. ʻO ka ʻīlio kahu, the dog’s master. Hoʻi nō ʻai i kou kahu, return and destroy your keeper [sending a curse or evil back to the original sender]. hoʻo.kahu To act as a kahu; to appoint a kahu. Mea hoʻokahu ʻia, ward, beneficiary of an estate. (Probably PEP ta(f,s)u.). Source: http://wehewehe.olelo.hawaii.edu/cgi-bin/hdict?q=kahu&d=D5985


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