Wild Wild West 05/2011

i got a lot of responses on my graphic so i’m posting an update with the feedback i got. i would like to keep this current so if you know of new kits not here, pls send me email at sectek at live.com.

since the exploit pack topic is popular on this blog, i gonna put out a request for the following kits and have the other guys here analyze it. if you can contribute, that’ll be really cool!

apache, black hole 1.1, bleeding life v2 reloaded, bomba, clean pack, dragon pack, eleonore 1.6.3, g01pack, impact, incognito, ipack, justexploit, katrin, kyuss, lupit, max toolkit, needle, neosploit, pek 2.6, robopak, shaman’s dream, siberia 2.0, yes 4.0

Posted on: 05/01/2011