Tools Update

It's been awhile but finally got to updating some of the tools I use frequently.

CMD Watcher

Watches for Windows commands while allowing you to block or allow a process execution.

  • Added auto-logging
  • Added timestamps to log entries


Deobfuscates PowerShell scripts.

  • Added Base64 Decode to hex option
  • Added export to binary file option
  • Added the option to see errors from PowerShell
  • Improved ability to handle larger inputs (thanks David!)
  • Bug fixes, refactoring, and other improvements


Reneo is a multi-purpose converter.

  • Added Remove Chars, Remove Rows to Filter menu
  • Added more SHA and HumanHash algorithms to Hash menu
  • Added Text-to-DNS Hex, Convert LF/CRLF to Format menu
  • Added Sort IP Address, Reverse Words, and Remove Dup Rows to Transform menu
  • Added Count Words, Entropy, Index of Coincidence, and Show Dup Rows to Analyze menu
  • Added textbox and window options to Extras Menu
  • Added UTF7 to Hex, Hex to UTF7 to Convert UTF feature
  • Added Convert LF to CRLF to Convert File feature
  • Added Escaped Octal and Unicode to Convert UTF feature
  • Improved Split-On, Extract Chars, and Remove Rows feature in Text Transformer
  • Bug fixes, refactoring, and other improvements

You can download these tools from the Tools page.

Posted on: 12/11/2021