Tools Update 10/2014

No significant updates, just several enhancements and bug fixes to four tools:


  • new features to Custom PHP Search/Replace
  • Added Convert Word (to decimal) feature
  • Enhanced Key Search/Replace input checking (see Data Converter changes)
  • Improved Beautify Generic routine
  • Updated some labels to provide more clarity
  • Fixed PHP decoder toggle
  • Fixed Base64 by Delimiter option to handle nulls
  • Fixed unescape issue by removing ` replacement
  • Fixed Character Frequency array function to remove last item
  • Fixed Base64 to Text function to properly handle CRLFs

Data Converter

Thanks to Thijs Bosschert for his suggestions. I still need to look into his additional enhancements without slowing things down but for now:

  • Split by single char if key value is text
  • Split every two chars if key value is hex
  • Remove spaces and commas if input value is hex


  • Added --ignore-ssl-errors=true option to PhantomJS call


  • Added --ignore-ssl-errors=true option to PhantomJS call

Posted on: 10/05/2014