Tools Update 09/2016

Several programs have been updated. You can find them on the Tools page.

Converter v0.14

Notable changes since the last version:

  • Changed textbox font to Courier to improve readability
  • Added reverse file option
  • Added compare files option
  • Consolidated extract and swap functions
  • Added count of rows
  • Added keep and strip differences to filter menu
  • Replaced Hex Format %00 option with %u00
  • Replaced Toggle Case format to separate lower/upper case
  • Improved Mixed CHR() to Text function
  • Added additional options to count delimiters
  • Fixed hex-to-text function to better handle nulls

Registry Dumper v0.2

I was asked by a reader to suppress the multiple error popups that occur when scanning certain keys with SYSTEM privileges. In this release, only one error will appear then it won't show up again.

Text Decoder Toolkit v0.2

This release is almost a complete re-write of the original version. A lot of things were moved around and included to make it more useful for CTF challenges. The startup takes a bit longer than usual because of the number of textboxes it has to render on the character substitution table form.

URL Revealer v0.2

This version now includes the ability to show headers instead of just the URLs. Here's two examples, a Locky downloader and script (thank you to Malware-Traffic-Analysis and VirusTotal Intelligence for samples). By default, only the URLs are displayed but you can enable the switch to show the headers.

Posted on: 09/30/2016