Tools Update - 07/2013

I've updated several of the tools. I hope you find the updates helpful!

Converter v0.9

In this release, I've added several new functions.

You can now convert a base64-encoded text file into a binary file (and vice versa). Just choose File > Convert Base64/Binary.

Under the Stats menu, you will find Character Frequency and Hex Frequency options. Paste in some text or hex in the input field and Converter will count the number of times the character or hex appears. Might be helpful for statistical analysis.

This routine that XORs three different values was found in a malicious Java applet.

While you can perform the XOR calculation twice as I've explained on an earlier article, I thought I would make things easier. Just put the XOR values in an array marked off by curly braces and separate them by commas. Make sure you choose the appropriate key format and action (consecutive).

What Converter will do is xor the input by extracting the values from the array like this. And repeat the values in each array until the entire input gets converted.

Here's code from another Java applet. This routine remembers the value of "m" and uses it for the next calculation.

Basically, it's doing this. The result of the "m" (in the first case, the value of 196) is carried over to subsequent calculation.

There are now two variables you can use called "acc1" and "acc2". They are accumulators. The first textbox holds the starting value and the larger textbox holds the calculation you wish to perform. You need to include the text "acc1" as a placeholder for the future result. As Converter loops to process the input field, the result of the previous calculation is carried over to the next calculation where the text, "acc1" resides. I did remove the "usr" value but you can use the "acc1" and "acc2" fields for this purpose as well.

I've added this capability to Converter's Convert Binary File function as well.

Data Converter v0.8

Data Converter has been updated with the XOR array and accumulator expressions features.

File Converter v0.6

File Converter has also been updated with the same features.

Revelo v0.5.2

I've made a minor change to Revelo by removing unused code.

PHP Converter v0.2

In the first version, you had to remove everything except for the value you wished to convert. In this version, you can paste in everything starting with "eval". It's looking for quotes now so make sure you have them in your input. Hope this works better for you all (but just use PHP instead :)

Binary File Converter v0.1

I wrote this program over a year ago and used it to copy over tools I needed over to another computer via VPN which was locked down except for the clipboard.

Here's a recap on how to use it. Run the program on your PC and click on the "Create VBS File" button and copy the text. Go to the remote PC via VPN, RDC, Secure Desktop, or whatever and paste it into Notepad, save it as a .vbs file and run it. You'll end up with a a lite version of this program.

To copy a tool over to the remote PC like netcat, run the regular version of this program on your PC and read in a binary file, netcat. Copy the text, go to the remote PC, and paste it into the lite version of the program. Now click on the "Write Binary File" button and save it. You will now have netcat on your remote PC. To move files from the remote PC back to your host, just do the same thing in reverse.

This is very inefficient but gets the job done in a pinch. Just remember to transfer only small files.

Posted on: 07/27/2013