Impressive Javascript Encoder

There are many online Javascript encoder sites that enable you to obfuscate your Internet link or email address. Most of the Javascript encoders that I’ve seen don’t pose much of a challenge and are really easy to reverse. I recently came upon HiveLogic’s Enkoder and this one is well made!

The HiveLogic Enkoder can be found here. And you are able to encode either your email address or any HTML content you choose.

I will have it encode a simple redirect to Google.

And what it spits out is pure insanity!

Here’s what the entire script looks like. Simple and straightforward, no?

It is deceptively challenging. I won’t spoil your fun but for those who like reversing Javascript, give it a try. There’s an easy “cheat” to produce the final redirect script in one pass but you should try to understand what’s happening and go through it manually.

You will eventually get to this result which is one step away from the final rendering. One thing to note is that his encoder produces a new variant each time so no two will be alike at least from what I can tell (the main functions stay the same but the variables and garbled text are different).

Have fun!

Posted on: 04/27/2011