Converted v0.10 Released

The latest version of Converter includes changes to the menus and several new features. You can download this version here.

Filter Menu

There's two new functions added to the menu. The first is "Strip Whitespace" which removes spaces, tabs, CRs, LFs, etc from your input. Thanks to TW for this request.

The second is called the "Position Filter". With it you can extract characters with a fixed position or after a certain character. Here's a quick example. There's some base64 characters in between those junk characters. We can extract what we need using this position filter.

Format Menu

Under this menu, I've added a row numbering capability which will insert the row number starting at 0 or 1 at the beginning of each row.

Beautify Generic is an option to quickly beautify your input using a quick and dirty method. The Beautify HTML and Beautify Javascript functions use the latest scripts (full credit to them).

Stats Menu

All I've done here is move the MD5 Hash and SHA256 Hash functions to this menu.

Tools Menu

Two new functions have been added which was described in a previous blog post.

Other Improvements and Fixes

Besides the above new functions, there were several enhancements and fixes made. One change has been made to the "Base64 to Text", "Base64 to Hex", and "Convert Custom Base64" functions. It now does a check of the length of the input. If the input string is not divisible by four then the input string has too many characters or is likely missing the padding character(s). Thanks to JW for this request.

Thank you all for your continued support, ideas, and requests!

Posted on: 11/05/2013