Converter Update - 08/2011

I've received a ton of requests for the Converter tool. I use this tool a lot to help me analyze and reverse obfuscated Javascript (among other things) and I hope you will find it useful yourself.

I haven't encountered any major bugs but it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. ;) This software is being made available as-is without any warranties. The original executable is 1.34MB so I packed it with UPX down to 65KB and as a result, it may trigger some AV (VirusTotal does show three hits but it's not at all malicious; Anubis confirms this). If you are worried, analyze it in a VM or simply don't use it.

If you have requests or found bugs, I'll try to look at them but no promises. I have quite enough on my plate as it is!

Posted on: 08/27/2011