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Wild Wild West – 08/2013

Added the following packs: “FlashPack” “Topic Exploit Kit” Silence Exploit “Rawin Exploit Pack” Private Exploit Pack “DotCacheF” Kore Exploit Kit

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Wild Wild West – 04/2013

Mila over at Contagio just released another fantastic update of her exploit pack overview so I thought I’d update the poster. Added the following packs: Whitehole Neutrino Fiesta g01Pack “Zuponic” “NoMatch” Anonymous Exploit Kit “Glazunov” “PopAds” Whitestorm SafePack “SPL Pack” … Continue reading

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Wild Wild West – 02/2013

Added the following packs: “SofosFO” Red Dot AnonJDB I also moved packs around based on feedback from other researchers.  

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Wild Wild West – 12/2012

Added the folllowing packs: alphaPack Vintage Pack CritXPack Serenity Exploit Pack ProPack ANRAM Exploit Pack

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Wild Wild West – 10/2012

Added the folllowing packs: “KaiXin Exploit Pack” “Kein Exploit Pack” Grandsoft Cool Pack NucSoft “AssocAID” Special thanks to Mila from Contagio!  Be sure to check out her list of exploits used by exploit packs.

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