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Detecting Phishing Sites in Your Logs

I recently read the Anti-Phishing Working Group’s 2Q 2014 report and saw the number of unique phishing sites. I then compared the numbers with the previous year. After more than 10 years of phishing it’s still around, and growing! Back … Continue reading

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A Quick Peek at Network Injection

Like many of you, I’ve been looking at the various NSA document leaks to see what kind of tools and techniques are being used. I suppose these releases will give cybercriminals new ideas and we will see some of these … Continue reading

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Wild Wild West – 07/2014

Added the following packs: RIG Exploit Kit Niteris aka “CottonCastle” “Snet” Special thanks to Kafeine for his valuable input.

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Reversing a PHP Script Dynamically and Statically

A reader sent me two PHP scripts because the PHP Converter program I wrote wasn’t able to handle it. They are both similar so I’ll just work on one of them in this post. Here’s what it looks like: And … Continue reading

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Deobfuscating PHP Scripts

Occasionally people send me PHP scripts to help them analyze it. Most of the time, it’s simply unescaping the script and finding the right variable to echo. I got two tricky ones within the past couple of months and finally … Continue reading

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