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Wild Wild West – 12/2014

Added the following packs: Null Hole “Hanjuan EK” “Archie EK” “Astrum EK” “SedKit” “SPL2 Pack” Special thanks to Kafeine for his valuable input.

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Registry Dumper – Find and Dump Hidden Registry Keys

The cybercriminals behind Poweliks implemented two clever techniques in their malware. The first was leveraging rundll32.dll to execute Javascript and the second was using a method to hide/protect their registry keys. I’ll be focusing on the second method. The technique … Continue reading

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Securing KeePass with a Second Factor

Cybercriminals are now stealing password managers so it’s time to make them more secure. You can check out this article for details about how it’s being done. I wrote this up as a guide to help friends secure their password … Continue reading

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Drupal 7 SQL Injection Info

There’s a lot of sites covering this vulnerability but I wanted to document some indicators for anyone who might need it. Resources Drupal Security Advisory Drupal Public Service Annoucement Drupal Documentation on “Your Drupal Site Got Hacked. Now What?” Drupal … Continue reading

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Tools Update

No significant updates, just several enhancements and bug fixes to four tools: Converter – Added new features to Custom PHP Search/Replace – Added Convert Word (to decimal) feature – Enhanced Key Search/Replace input checking (see Data Converter changes) – Improved … Continue reading

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