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Converter Updated

The latest version includes several new features and bug fixes: Fixed Mixed Octal to Hex function to handle null char at the end Fixed and enhanced code related to keep/strip filtering functions Fixed unescape handling of null bytes Unescape File … Continue reading

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Exploring XOR Decryption Methods

The use of XOR encryption to keep anti-virus, web filters, and even researchers at-bay have been used for many years. While there are stronger encryption algorithms, the XOR cipher is very easy to add to a project, has low overhead, … Continue reading

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Pinpointing Malicious Redirects

Cybercriminals are constantly thinking up new ways to redirect unsuspecting visitors to their drive-by landing page. The guys over at Sucuri often find really interesting redirects that they’ve come up with. What I have been doing lately is documenting these … Continue reading

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Revelo Updated

I’ve been noticing obfuscated Javascript using a function that returns the deobfuscated result more and more lately so I added a new method to catch this. Here’s an obfuscated script. It’s not that difficult but it does look intimidating! First … Continue reading

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