2014 Articles

5 OCT 2014

Tools Update 10/2014

No significant updates, just several enhancements and bug fixes to four tools...
25 JUL 2014

Wild Wild West - 07/2014

Added the following packs: RIG Exploit Kit, Niteris aka "CottonCastle", "Snet"...
12 MAY 2014

RIG Exploit Pack

A new exploit pack has been marketed in the underground since last month and appears...
5 APR 2014

Wild Wild West - 04/2014

sorry this is so late. added the following packs: "Zuponcic", Infinity (aka "RedKit"...
6 FEB 2014

Revelo Updated

I've been noticing obfuscated Javascript using a function that returns the deobfuscated...
30 JAN 2014

Box.php Fraud Kit

I've been researching that fake Adobe Flash update and Neutrino EK redirect that...
9 JAN 2014

Exploit Delivery Networks

Exploit packs are normally set up on a hacker-controlled server. Compromised websites...
2 JAN 2014

Pinpoint Tool Released

There are many times where I come across a drive-by download, especially malvertisements...


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