Converter Update

Happy New Year! I finally finished developing and testing another version of Converter. It has been updated to version 0.5 which includes features written about in recent blog posts, plus a few extras.


Under the File menu, I’ve added three new features.


You can import binary files into Converter (but don’t try loading a 100MB file though since that’s not what Converter was meant for). The file contents will show up as hex data which you can send to the main form or back out to a text file.


You can also export binary files from hex data.


If your file is too big for Converter to handle, you can split files into smaller segments (and subsequently join them back together).


If you need to convert a large file, you can always use the Convert Binary File feature. I incorporated new options found in another program I wrote called File Converter. You can read about it here:


Under the Tools menu, I added the Secret Decoder Ring feature.


You can learn how to use this feature from this blog post:


The Convert Base feature now includes a new delimiter per request.


And finally, the Key Search/Convert feature has been enhanced as described in this post:


You can get Converter here. I hope you enjoy this update!

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