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Java 0-Day Using Latest Dadong’s JS Obfuscator

Since everyone knows about this, I can finally share my piece. Here’s the landing page which is all Javascript. The script is using “Dadong’s JSXX 0.44 VIP” Javascript obfuscator. This isn’t the first time Dadong’s obfuscator has been used with … Continue reading

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Analyzing a New Exploit Pack

A new exploit pack has recently appeared and is getting a decent amount of drive-by traffic. This pack employs several exploits and includes two different social engineering ploys so there’s something for everyone. This pack can be primarily found on … Continue reading

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New Chinese Exploit Pack

A Korean news site was recently observed distributing malware. I thought it would be an opportune time to test out my program that attempts to locate malicious scripts on a website. Here’s an excerpt from the results: Looking at the … Continue reading

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