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Revelo v0.3 Released

In this release, I’ve made a couple of bug fixes. I’m also using a traditional installer which should help the folks who are having trouble registering the OCXs. I tested this out on Windows XP 32-bit and Windows 7 32-bit … Continue reading

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Revelo Update

Thank you all for your support and feedback with the release of Revelo (finally, I know)! I wrote this program and tested it in Windows XP since I heavily use that in my VMs for analysis. For several of you, … Continue reading

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Revelo – Javascript Deobfuscator

I mentioned a new tool I’ve been developing to help with Javascript deobfuscation months ago. I’ve been working on it off and on but it’s taking me awhile. There’s still more to do but I think it’s ready for a … Continue reading

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