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Techno XPack

There’s another new exploit pack in town called Techno XPack. This one looks like a re-skinned BleedingLife. Here’s a list of the exploits it’s packing: CVE-2008-2992 CVE-2010-0188 CVE-2010-0842 CVE-2010-1297 CVE-2010-2884 CVE-2010-3552 CVE-2010-3654 JavaSignedApplet Panel shots:

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Hierarchy Exploit Pack

A new pack has emerged called Hierarchy Exploit Pack. Looks a lot like Eleonore but its exploits are different: CVE-2006-0003 CVE-2009-0927 CVE-2010-0094 CVE-2010-0188 CVE-2010-0806 CVE-2010-0840 CVE-2010-1297 CVE-2010-1885 CVE-2011-0611 JavaSignedApplet Here are some panel shots:

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Chinese Exploit Packs

While it can be difficult to attribute exploit packs in many cases, I believe it’s safe to say that there are a few made by Chinese authors. Their style can be seen across packs from the script used for traffic … Continue reading

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