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Custom Base64 Decoder

There’s another new exploit pack making its round. Seems to be quite pervasive as I’m seeing its redirect code on many compromised sites. Here’s the redirection script: And this is the main script of the exploit pack that awaits your … Continue reading

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PDF Analysis using PDFStreamDumper

PDFStreamDumper is a PDF analyzer developed by Sandsprite’s David Zimmer. He has added quite a bit of useful functions to make this an all-in-one, go-to tool as you’ll soon see. Here’s a spear-phish email that contains a malicious PDF file … Continue reading

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CVE-2011-2140 Caught in the Wild

A Chinese website contains malvertisement that leads to a few exploits including the latest Flash exploit (CVE-2011-2140). Special thanks to Jason for the find and share! Here’s the website that kicks things off: This is the infection chain: It’s quite … Continue reading

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Interesting BOA Phish

Phishing appears to be on the decline but some phishers aren’t stopping and have apparently changed some of their tactics. Instead of including a link in the email body, an HTML attachment is sent. The user is then enticed to … Continue reading

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APEC SpearPhish

I was asked (and given permission) to publish this….. OVERVIEW A suspicious email was received on 10/26/2011 and targeted a single, key individual in the organization.  The sender appeared to be from a Hawaii-based real estate company. The email was … Continue reading

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