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Two Drive-Bys, One Site

It’s bad enough to get hit with one drive-by download…but two on one page?! It’s probably separate compromises made by two different people. One thing is for sure though…what’s common to all these websites is WordPress. Let’s take a look … Continue reading

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Neosploit is Back!

After a long hiatus, it appears that Neosploit may have come back to life! While the code has some slight changes, it functions similarly to previously known versions of Neosploit so it’s doesn’t look like a major upgrade. I just … Continue reading

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Elaborate Black Hole Infection

I normally come across straight-forward drive-by downloads. Due to some website compromise, a web page is modified to include a link to a malicious website (e.g. iframe or external Javascript file) that infects unsuspecting visitors. In this case, the infection … Continue reading

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Malware Infection from New Exploit Pack

A popular movie website appears to be infecting unsuspecting visitors’ computers. Thanks to reader Jonathan who found this particular drive-by download and let me know about it! The malicious redirect code does not appear in all visits (approximately 1 of … Continue reading

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Wild Wild West – 10/2011

added “Nuclear Pack” to most wanted section.  there’s several new packs out there but i don’t have their names.  please send me screenshots or packs at: sectek at live dot com

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