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Converter Tool Released

I’ve received a ton of requests for the Converter tool. I use this tool a lot to help me analyze and reverse obfuscated Javascript (among other things) and I hope you will find it useful yourself. I haven’t encountered any … Continue reading

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A Tricky Obfuscated JavaScript

A reader sent in obfuscated Javascript code that he needed some help to decipher. I’m sure he was very close to solving it but it looked interesting enough that I thought I would have a go at it and detail … Continue reading

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Hacking Magazine Hacked

One of my favorite hacking resource site appears to be hacked and possibly even infecting visitors. Here’s the website: And here’s the offending code in the source: The external Javascript file has obfuscated code: Let’s have a closer look at … Continue reading

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Drive-By Cache: Payload Hunting

The researchers over at Armorize identified a new technique some time ago called “drive-by cache” that kinda turns drive-by downloads on its head. You can read their analysis here. In a typical drive-by download, the visiting PC gets compromised, the … Continue reading

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Wild Wild West – 08/2011

added LinQ Sploit Pack, Death Pack, FlooP Pack, Underwater Exploit Pack, sprEaDEr, Ultra Lite Pack, Merry Christmas Pack & eCore Exploit Pack.  send me screenshots or kits at: sectek at live dot com

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